Lost property

Lost property different from hold baggage is handled by the Toscana Aeroporti-Pisa S.p.A. Permits & Lost Property Office on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal. The office is open every workday (Monday through Friday) from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM (email
For lost items on board the aircraft, please contact the handlers at the following addresses: (tel.327/4281207) and

glasses_rif. 23642
earphone_rif. 23639
earphone_rif. 23636
Smartphone Rif_23611
Hard disk Rif_26621
Smartphone Rif_23620
Watch Rif_23622
Powerbank Rif_23632
Backpack Rif_23617
Earrings Rif_23615
Ring Rif_23616
Ring Rif_23610
Ring Rif_23628
Key Rif_ 23625
Watch Rif_23630
Phone Rif_23631
ebook Rif_23619
Powerbank&Ecigarette Rif_23634
battery charger_rif. 23603
earphone_rif. 23605
glasses_rif. 23607