marker Departure Area, ground floor – Hudson


Il gruppo Hudson Was born in 1926 as Hudson County News Company and & Over time, from the direct management of traditional newsstands to the creation of more expensive shops; Wide, with a variet & agrave; Reading articles and the introduction of a varied offer of candy, snacks, drinks, mix of health and beauty products in travel formats as well as a wide selection of local souvenirs. Hudson offers editorial and diversified products and services to airport passengers and more inline travelers; General.
It is today a world-renowned brand and its values ​​have made the group one of the leaders in the Travel Retail sector.
During 2008 Hudson Group & egrave; Become a Societ & agrave; Entirely controlled by Dufry.



 tel: +39 050 8936420


marker Departure Area, ground floor – Camomilla Italia

logo camomilla

For more than forty years, Camomilla Italia has represented italian style and quality. The brand today is an expression of femininity, elegance and versatility. Every collection is designed to adapt to any type of woman, to her shape and style. "Women Never Stop" is today Camomilla Italia's philosophy, it is the tag line of strong, dyanmic women who do not give up their femininity and style. "Women Never Stop" is a movemenet that keeps moving. The store at the aiport is the first one opened in the whole Pisa area.




marker Area Partenze, piano terra – Swarovski

Swarovski logo

Since1895 the crystal precision cut introduced by founder Daniel Swarovski connotes the company. His passion for innovation and design has become the world's leading brand of jewelery and accessories. Numerous collections, jewelry and accessories that offer brilliant style interpretations to wear and use every day.



tel: +39 050 8936422


marker Area Partenze, piano terra – Collection by Dufry


The perfect union of fashion accessories masterfully chosen by Dufry's experience: a wide range of sunglasses from top brands, watches and jewelries of the most widely-recognized brands that meet every need from the most classic to the most modern, offering quality, tendency and character.



tel: +39 050 8936421


marker Departure Area, ground floor – mywalit


mywalit is an original, multicolour leather goods brand founded in 2005 in Lucca. Known for its creative, fun-loving colour combinations and avant-garde styling across the whole range of articles in fine leather.
mywalit: The original multicolour leather goods brand.



tel: +39 050 500340


marker Departure Area, ground floor – Aeronautica Militare
aeronautica militare

An identifying style. The story of our company begins far away in time. Its past is linked to artisan leather-working and its present is intertwined with the world of Italy’s Air Force – which has given us its kind permission to use its badges, shields and insignia for creating an authentic, original clothing and accessories line.



tel: +39 050 46484



markerDeparture Area, ground floor – Giunti al Punto Librerie

Giunti al Punto Librerie. Giunti is Italy’s top-ranking bookstore chain in terms of number of sales points, distributed throughout the national territory. Giunti’s Pisa Airport space, with its personnel always ready to help customers and a wide variety of promotions and exclusive offers, is also an Amazon pick-up point!



tel/fax: +39 050 500707


markerDeparture Area, ground floor – Conte of Florence

Conte of Florence, the historic Tuscan brand founded in the heart of Florence in 1952 at a hatter’s establishment, now proposes a total-look casualwear line for men and women that refers back to the three worlds that have always inspired the Conte creations: skiing, golfing and sailing. The brand’s philosophy is to create articles not limited to being simple ‘functional’ proposals for free time but articles that define a style, a distinctive sign of belonging to a special world abounding in emotions and authenticity acquired over time.



tel: 050 49805


marker Departure Area, ground floor – New Fashion Gate


New Fashion Gate: the multibrand shop for trendy travellers whose weather eye takes in all that’s new on the Italian fashion horizon.
Armani Jeans and EA7 sportswear for stylish men and women. LiuJo, Guess, Kocca for young trendsetters. And for the classically elegant woman, Max Mara and the entire world of Alviero Martini 1° Classe.



tel: : +39 050 2201111

marker Departure Area, ground floor – Farmacie Comunali Pisa


Municipal Pharmacy. Blood pressure measurement, oxygen tanks, medical equipment hire (even from abroad): baby scales, electric breast pumps, crutches, wheelchairs. ‘Prevention days’ and consulting on the most common health conditions. ‘Beauty days’ with expert cosmetologists/beauticians specialising in skin care for makeup tryouts and facial treatments. Free health-card activation, CUP medical bookings and payments service. Purchasing products for a minimum of €5 entitles you to two hours’ free parking.



tel: : +39 050 500363


marker Area Arrivi, piano terra – Forex Change


Forex Change



tel:  +39 800 305357


markerCheck-in Area, ground floor – Truestar Group

High strength protective wrapping service for all types of luggage.



tel: +39 0331 72 301


marker Arrivals Area, ground floor – Machiavelli


Machiavelli: leather goods of sporting spirits.



tel: : +39 337 1373536

marker Area Partenze, primo piano – Cassa di Risparmio di Pisa


Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Pisa Livorno



tel: +39 050 41288


marker Gate Area, ground floor – Dufrital Duty Free

Coming soon.



marker Gate Area extra schengen, First floor – Dufrital Duty Free

Coming soon.



marker Gate Area, ground floor – Marina Militare
Marina Militare

Marina Militare aspires to directly engaging the public to communicate a world, a style, by creating a strong and well-defined brand image for a knowledgeable modern man.


tel: +39 055 3061235


marker Gate Area, ground floor – +39

+39 is a brand of hand-made leather goods made in Italy, which combines the know-how craftsman typical of the Tuscan tradition and the modernity of the styles that embodies, to meet the needs of the cosmopolitan clientele it represents.




tel:+39 050 21182



markerGate Area, ground floor – Leopolda
Leopolda 1

In a setting of wood tones, ivory and green, you’ll enjoy the unparalleled cordiality of our personnel and our attention to detail. This is Leopolda: natural fibres, skilful workmanship, charm – in a men’s/women’s collection distinguished by soft lines and colours borrowed from Tuscan landscapes. Leopolda Manifatture Artigiane continues to match experience and devotion to its work to suggest new collections, cashmere, silk and other precious yarns, with the same cordiality at the airport shop as at the shops in Bolgheri, Montalcino and Pisa. To wrap you in soft luxury in all of the most evocative corners of Tuscany.



tel: +39 050 2201277

markerGate Area, ground floor – Colline Toscane
Colline Toscane

From an idea by a knowledgeable, creative woman, an inviting food-and-wine shop where you can purchase Made-in-Italy excellences. The ideal place to choose a small souvenir to remember a beautiful Italian vacation or a ‘piece of the Bel Paese’ for friends abroad. Delicacies for the palate and prestigious wines selected with care to offer travellers a unique selection of unforgettable products.



tel: +39 050 2209458

contatto web:

markerRent a car Area, ground floor – Bros lounge Café
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