Limousine Service

To book a chauffeured car, contact one of the companies listed below:


calendarioLimousine Service - PBA

Since 1966, PBA has always offered punctuality, comfort, personal attention and safety with its chauffeur service from and to Pisa. The office is located inside the terminal.


PBA’s offer includes crew transit, minibus shuttle services, baggage delivery and rapid goods transport. Online booking service.


Opening hours: 9.00 AM / 5.00 PMT./Fax: 050 48653E-mail:

calendarioLimousine Service - Limousine Oritour
Limousine oritour 

 Limousine Oritour

Opening hours: 9:00AM - 8:00PMT.: 050 21544 / 331 4698100E-mail:

calendarioLimousine Service - Liberty Limousine
 Liberty i drive per sito copia


 Liberty Limousine

Opening hours: 9:00AM - 8:00PMT.: 050 28368 / 366 5827046E-mail:


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