Before travelling


Please check the security measures adopted by the country of destination. All information can be found following the link Viaggiare sicuri - Pisa Airport (

It is still recommended to avoid traveling in the presence of flu symptoms.


At the airport


  • Green Pass
    For all information relating to the COVID-19 green certification, they can be found on the dedicated portal:
    It is no longer necessary to show the certificate to travel to Italy. In any case, it is recommended to check the health measures of the country of destination on Viaggiare sicuri - Pisa Airport (
  • Masks
    Wearing mask inside indoor areas and inside the aircraft is still recommended, but it is no longer mandatory.
    Until September 30th 2022, the use of FFP2 masks is still mandatory for all other public means of transport.
  • Social distancing and sanitation
    The spacing in the queuing areas is indicated by the signs on the ground. It is recommended to keep the safety distance and to avoid crowds.
    Frequent hand sanitation is recommended. The sanitizing stations are located within the entire airport area.
    It is also recommended that you avoid touching your face while staying at the airport and, in general, while traveling.