Pisa Airport - Florence Central Station

From Pisa Airport you can reach Pisa Central Railway Station by PisaMover Bus service with a timetable departure of every 10 minutes.

From Pisa Central Railway Station you can easily get to Florence Santa Maria Novella Railway  Station.
Many railway connections link Pisa to Florence city centre (and vice versa). The service is operating with both regional trains that perform some intermediate stops (including Pontedera and Empoli) taking about 1 hour, and with fast trains that directly connect Pisa Airport with Florence Santa Maria Novella Railway Station in just 50 minutes.

Ticket price for a journey from Pisa Airport to Florence Central Station is 9,30€ and it includes the train ticket from Pisa Central Station to Florence Central Station (8,00€)* and the PisaMover bus price from Galilei Airport to Pisa Central Station (1,30€) (*).

For further information on trains timetable and fares, please visit www.trenitalia.com

*Fares are subject to change. Train tickets sold by
Pisa Airport Information office will be charged with a commission fee of  € 1,00 (VAT included) for all tickets from € 5,00 to € 20,00 ;  € 2,00 (VAT included) for all tickets over € 20,00.

(*)Fares are subject to change.