Pisa Airport Offers You Over 3,000 Parking Places

 Parking management 

Our parking facilities are open everyday 24 hours a day and are divided into five large areas: one short-stay car park (P3), a multi-storey car park (P2), two ground long-term car parks (P1 and P4*), and on the eastern side of the square an area for tourist coaches (P6).

As you enter the parking (P1, P2, P3 and P4*) take an entry ticket and keep it to pay for your parking and to exit the car park. Remember to pay the parking fares before taking your car.

Click here to see the parking facilities and you will find the car park which most suits your needs in terms of the time you intend to stay.

The parking facilities (P1, P2, P3 and P4*) are free of charge for disabled persons. You or your escort just have to show the parking cashier (open everyday from 7.30 am to midnight) your entry ticket, your personal disabled person’s badge and your boarding card to get the free exit ticket.

Dedicated parking spaces for Passengers with Reduce Mobility (PRM) are available at the Multi-level car park (P2) and Short term car park (P3). They are located near "Call points” through which PRM can receive assistance from trained personnel during  every procedure  from arrival at the airport to flight departure (map).

Are you a Telepass customer? In P2 and P3 car parks is possible to enter using the reserved Telepass lanes, characterized by special signages (Map).
Telepass service allows you to enter and exit form car parks quickly and without going to the cashier point; you will pay the cost of your stand directly on your Telepass account, without additional costs.  
To enjoy Telepass service in Pisa airport remember:
•    use the Telepass lanes and approach to the barrier;
•    stop your car and wait for your Telepass equipment reading;
•    wait for the opening of the barrier
Visit member area on in order to have more info or to check the list of your stands.

If you have any discounts or commercial agreements, do not use the Telepass lane or, alternatively, hide your Telepass device.
Kindly note that you can use Telepass lane (entrance and exit) of P2 and P3 car parks even if you don’t have a Telepass equiment: just take the ticket.

Please be aware that there is no parking security guard. Download the parking rules following.

 * On line car booking service valid for entrances until 16th January 2017.

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